Project Management,Consultancy and Sales

Mert Teknik offers a complete set of project management, consultancy and sales services required by projects related to packaging machines and product control systems.

Our company provides consultancy, support and sales services with regards to development and application of new or existing projects.

The company offers a comprehensive group of development services required for improvement of the projects; takes over management of project in the name of project owner and assures necessary organization with respective contractor companies, finance and credit institutions.

After Sales Service Consultancy;

Mert Teknik, offers After Sales Service Consultancy support owing to its Customer Oriented Management Approach. Our objective is to ensure you maintain your efficiency and capacity at the highest level.

Mert Teknik installs all machines and devices at the customer's premises, provides operator and maintenance training, after sales technical service and spare part support. Installation is carried out by our certified and experienced staffs who are trained in using the devices.

Technical Service and Spare Part Support;

Mert Teknik offers technical service and spare parts service with its team composed of specialized and experienced technicians and engineers in order for your machine to retain its original features, and operate reliably, economically and efficiently like its first day of operation.

The one and only authorized technical service provider for our specific product group is Mert Teknik. Our company constantly keeps in touch with global technical service networks of those companies we are distributor of. All technical staff receive regular trainings at home and abroad within framework of a certain schedule. Our technical staff focus on your problems and aim to provide the highest level of efficiency in the shortest time possible, with the most appropriate and most accurate solutions.

Sevice Agreement;

What we know is that even a tiny problem on machines results in loss of time and commercial loss for you. Main objective should be determining the problems before they occur and taking steps, otherwise, solutions that may be generated following occurrence of problems may bring along additional costs, and the most effective and important way of preventing such a result is doubtlessly a comprehensive ''Service Agreement''. Preventive maintenance are carried out in the manner and at times recommended by the distributor companies with a fashion that will not disrupt operations of customers. You can prolong service life of machines and retain your efficiency and capacity owing to regular and preventive maintenance.

With the after sales services given by Mert Teknik;

  • You can keep your efficiency at the highest level,
  • You will have minimized your risks,
  • You will have maximized your maintenance quality,
  • You will have protected your budget,
  • You will have maintenance and repair conforming to regulations and laws conducted,
  • You will have strengthened your competitive position.
Our main objective is reaching the best and becoming your solution partner...