World Leader in Multi-head Weighers !


Multihead Weighing Systems are the dosing/portioning machineries that feed downstream vertical/horizontal packaging lines.

Multipond has been an owner-managed company since the very beginning. Drawing on more than 65 years’ experience in industrial weighing technology, Multipond is a pioneer in this sector.

Technological Advantages

Fully Automated Calibration

On every weigher, the accuracy of a measurement is influenced by various factors such as ambient temperature, humidity, vibrations and so on. Over time, these factors distort the measurement. To deliver correct weigher results, a calibration test of this kind must be performed on every weighing system.

Only Multipond weighers run this test automatically during production by means of integrated calibration systems.

That’s how we make sure that every weighing operation is correct – without performance dipping.

In-house vibrators for rapid cleaning and maintenance

Multipond is the only multihead weigher manufacturer to integrate the vibration drives into the weigher body itself with individual direct access. Thereby keeping the cleaning and maintenance effort to an absolute minimum.

This enables all MULTIPOND systems to meet even the toughest hygiene requirements in the food industry.

Metering Mode (Patented counting mode)

Another key advantage: The processes of “combining, mixing, counting, and dosing” are configured in the weigher software as basic functions.

MULTIPOND is the only weigher manufacturer to have the basic “metering” function. The metering mode is patented. This is the ideal solution for free-flowing, non-sticky, granular products such as cereals.


  • Maximum speed (up to 36 portions simultaneously)
  • Use of smaller weighing systems, hence less investment

Patented Surfaces

MULTIPOND has decades of experience in handing products with varying consistencies and conveying characteristics. Not all cheese is the same –not all salad is the same. Every product has its own specific requirements. The differing product characteristics are taken into account in the design of weighing systems, including by having a large number of different product contact surfaces for the product-carrying components.

Tailor-made feeding and transfer systems

Our core expertise is not only in weighing products but in feeding and distributing products into downstream packing machines of either a vertical or horizontal design. MULTIPOND is the only multihead weigher manufacturer in the world to design, produce and integrates these components into the systems on its own premises. The control of these devices is integrated into the weigher which enabled easy setup.

Highest Hygiene Standards

To guarantee a consistently high hygiene standard, Multipond is a member of EHEDG.